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  • TPM Flooring
    TPM Flooring

    Transforming your floors one room at a time.

  • Love your pets?
    Love your pets?

    TPM Flooring has an entire selection of quality flooring specifically designed for the needs of those who have pets.

  • Our Children are Our Future
    Our Children are Our Future

    That's why we not only provide the highest quality flooring available, we also sponsor youth events, and assist with scholarships to some of the top local educational facilities.

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Welcome to TPM Flooring!

TPM Flooring is one of Burnsville’s top providers of flooring materials and services. Our vision is to enhance your home using the highest quality products available to make your dreams a reality.  TPM Flooring's vision statement is: "To Provide Flooring Transformations One Room at a Time."

Over the years, we have established a reputation for offering products and services at great prices and excellent customer services. Past clients have praised our attention to details and dedication to work. We aim not only to improve your home’s aesthetics, but also its function.

Here at TPM Flooring, we offer diverse materials for your flooring in Burnsville, MN. 

Did You Know?

  • TPM Flooring Carpet


    Ultra-soft to the touch, resilient to stains, warm, and comfortable. We offer carpet to clients who want their homes to have a lavish and opulent appeal. This material is also is the ideal choice if you have kids around. We only source our carpet from the leading brands, such as Mohawk.

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  • TPM Wood Flooring

    Wood Flooring

    Durable, rich, stylish. There's nothing like quality wood flooring to personalize your home. TPM flooring combines meticulous craftsmanship and premium wood materials. This material is your pick whether you want an old world charm or a contemporary/eclectic appeal. We source our hardwood materials from the likes of Kahrs.

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  • Tile Flooring


    Premium tile, color, depth, timeless elegance. Ceramic tiles are a great choice for your home to achieve a sophisticated charisma. These materials are flexible; you can apply them to any design scheme, whether it’s elaborate or minimalistic.

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  • One Source

    One Source

    We don't just do flooring, we can also help with kitchen and bathroom remodels. Flooring is our priority, but we also offer bathroom and kitchen remodels. Just state your specifications, and we will delegate our working team to turn them into a reality. If you find designing quite taxing, we can suggest some things that will suit your budget and existing plans.

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