From our lifetime warrantied SmartStrand® to Carpet Tiles, nothing transforms a room more than high quality, durable carpet.

Every TPM carpet is warm and cozy. It can provide good insulation, thus stabilizing or neutralizing your home’s temperatures during humid or cold seasons. On top of these benefits, having a carpet in your Prior Lake, Lakeville, Savage or Burnsville, MN property can help improve the quality of the indoor air. Depending on the material you will choose, the carpet can effectively trap dusts and other allergens that otherwise may be dispersed in the air.

The carpet should be your choice if you have kids and pets around at home and if you prioritize safety. While the carpets under our roster have lavish appeals, you have an assurance that these are highly functional. These are designed to be efficient in dissipating and reducing noise and in cushioning slips and falls. These qualities make your floor a comfortable place for kids to do their homework, play, and rest.

To find out which carpet suits your space the best, you can contact our customer service department. You can also inquire about our carpet installation in Burnsville, MN.